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 Ban zaza21

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PostSubject: Ban zaza21   Ban zaza21 I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 09, 2012 2:56 pm

Zaza21 griefed my Donator base! There's just a big mess left. I logged on today, turned around and saw the ruins of my house!

The exp. grinder has been destroyed too. All of my supplies are gone, all my pigs have been killed, and my enchantment table room thing has been destroyed.

Ban zaza21 2012-110
Ban zaza21 2012-111
What used to be my living room
Ban zaza21 2012-112
Birds eye veiw of what used to be chest room
Ban zaza21 2012-113
Remnants of Walkway
Ban zaza21 2012-114
Spawner button
Ban zaza21 2012-115
Spawner room
Ban zaza21 2012-116
Where enchanting table used to be
Ban zaza21 2012-117
I think this was under my deck? I'm not sure...
LowfatM1lk, you know I wouldn't do this! Can we talk about moving my base to a different location and you can paste it there?

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Ban zaza21
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